Beale Arboretum Autumn News ~ November 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

At West Lodge Park we consider the months of autumn a very pleasant time of year, so why not spend a few moments to read on to discover some of the treasures creating nature’s paint box for another year.

The photos of the bare trees will not excite you at this time of year, but we can’t wait to see them all burst in the spring!

Many of the maples look as if they are literally alight, particularly Acer griseum, with not only its coloured foliage, but its cinnamon peeling bark too. 

Also of note are several other species nearby, notably Acer cappadocicum, Acer davidii and Acer saccharinum.

Although not noted for their autumn foliage, magnolias are well worth a place in any garden, whatever its size.  Magnolia grandiflora is fast becoming very popular and has the ability to produce blooms well into the autumn, sometimes as large as 20cm across, producing a perfume resembling lemon grass.

Just nearby in the perimeter border is an unusual shrub which has only recently been planted. We call it the Blue Sausage Bush - take a look and you’ll see why! It comes from west China and is botanically known as Decaisnea fargesii. 

A few yards along the path, in the direction of the entrance, you’ll see a varied selection of crab apples nearly all bearing fruit in a range of sizes, colours and quantities. 

Malus ‘Evereste’ 

Malus ‘Golden Hornet’

You should not depart until you have spent some time admiring the truly splendid eye catching display performed by the Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Matthaei Broom' and Ginkgo. All trees fairly close together make a fabulous picture for
posterity and to remind you of your visit.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Matthaei Broom'

Ginkgo biloba

We are pleased to announce that West Lodge Park now contains fifteen Champion Trees nominated by the Tree Register of Britain & Ireland. Each specimen will bear a bespoke blue label containing useful information.

Our collection of European hornbeam, Carpinus and Swamp Cypress Taxodium became National Plant Heritage Collections some years ago, and we have now submitted a case for our Catalpa collection.

A comprehensive arboretum mapping exercise commenced recently, it being 21 years since the last one was undertaken. Once completed we will be able to find out detailed information about every tree at the touch of a button.

Paul Akers ~ Consultant to the Beale Arboretum

If you are interested in planting a commemorative tree in the grounds this autumn, perhaps to celebrate the life of a loved one, or for a special occasion, please contact Grant Cook, Estates Manager on or 07973 538254

If you are interested in putting together a group for a guided tour of the Beale Arboretum, please contact Jane Gray - or 020 8216 3904 - Tours are free of charge midweek and £3.50 per person at the weekend.

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