Beale Arboretum - Spring 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

Derek Honour, our wonderful Arboretum Consultant for almost 50 years, passed away this spring. He will be sadly missed, but the Beale Arboretum stands as a magnificent testament to his life. [Derek pictured below with Paul Baynes last year]

After a very cold winter, it hass taken a while for the heavy clay soil to dry out. We have planted 45 new specimen trees in the Beale Arboretum this winter and early spring, including many new crab apples (Malus), pines (Pinus) walnuts (Juglans) and oaks (Quercus).

Venture along to the bottom of the arboretum to see our little collection of Dogwood (Cornus) that are currently displaying lovely white bracelets.

In particular keep an eye out for Cornus kousa ‘Venus’ [pictured], and the Cornus controversa (wedding cake tree).

Cornus kousa ‘Venus’

We’ve also been busy changing the winter bedding plants to summer bedding, as well as the weekly job of maintaining the roses (Rosa ‘Savoy Hotel’). Their delicate pale pink, fragrant flowers become a deeper pink on the reverse in summer and autumn.

Walk around the arboretum and spot the stunning flowering trees, starting with the Styrax japonica.

Robinia hispida

Styrax japonica

Aesculus indica ‘Sydney Pearce’

Cornus kousa

Finally, Gerald Goddard, our retired Plant Heritage Co-ordinator for 32 years, planted a Toona sinensis [pics above - left with senior members of Plant Heritage London].

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