March, 2016

Dear Mr. Beale,

I just wanted to write to say a huge Thank You to you and all your staff who took care of us from arrival to departure. Unexpectedly our babysitter had to let us down so our little chap Alfie (19 months) had to come too. But this did not phase any of your team. So, understandably when your hotel's card said to identify who I thought was outstanding...I had to write "All". It is lovely to have one or two super staff members when running a business and relying on them, but to have a whole team...that is indeed lucky. I can only imagine you look after them very well indeed. I would suggest not a Caribbean holiday, nor a pay rise for these gentlemen and ladies, but a tax-free bonus of sorts - perhaps asking them individually.

Anyway, my praise does not stop there I am afraid. I want to say a resounding well done for your produce and products being sourced from England and locally. This is splendid to see indeed.

You and your family clearly have a fantastic business ethos indeed, so keep up the good work. I appreciate running such a delightful venue takes a great deal of time so I will keep this email brief.

We look forward to staying with you again and also partaking in an Afternoon tea some time too.

With all good wishes to you and your team,

Jennifer Grocock

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