November, 2017

Dear Andrew

What a huge success the tour of the Beale Arboretum was last Sunday; thank you so much.
Using Richard as a barometer, you will have inspired the planting of many (hundreds of?) trees…. And maybe even more arboreta!! We have a piece of land next to the house on which the children used to (still occasionally do!) play football/rugby, but which we intend to make part of a more formal garden in our dotage… and we are now thinking ‘no’ to flowers/beds and a resounding ‘yes’ to trees!! (We might need a little advice too….!)
Nevertheless your talk gave a very clear impression of the passion you have for your subject, and you successfully infected some of us with it!
You are the Master of Planning. The whole day went so smoothly from coffee and pastries to farewells after an awesome lunch. And you were so generous too – not only with your time, but with your sponsorship. The Benevolent Fund will benefit accordingly.
Very many thanks once again Andrew, on so many levels.

Best etc.

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