July, 2019

Dear Andrew,

What a treat last night's Taittinger Gourmet Diner was. The guest speaker, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and rightly proud of the beautiful champagnes and wine which accompanied each exquisite course. The W.L.P kitchen never fails to surprise and delight me both in presentation and taste and it was our privilege that the Chefs came out and took a well deserved acclamation from the assembled guests.

A largely new group of youthful, charming and, as always, eager to please serving team made sure that everything ran smoothly in the dining room.

I must mention our pianist Paul, his elegant and timely set of James Bond tunes as we drank Bond's favourite Taittinger did not go unnoticed at the tables either, nice touch. Well done Paul.

I look forward to the next, then each and every forthcoming special event at your beautiful hotel.

Kindest regards,

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