September, 2019

Dear Andrew,

My wife and I Stephanie recently had our wedding at West Lodge Park Hotel on 10th August in the John Evelyn Suite.

While staying in the hotel I saw a customer feedback card offering your assistance in case of problems that staff couldn't solve but I felt it necessary to write in for precisely the opposite reason – to praise your staff who helped organise and manage a truly wonderful day, one that Stephanie and I will remember forever (for all the right reasons!).

While the hotel and grounds are no doubt fantastic, its your staff who really made the difference on the day. Whilst everyone was lovely, there are three people in particular who stand out for a special mention. Izabella, our wedding organiser, Matthew, our toastmaster on the day and the Chef who’s name I’ve unfortunately forgotten. I’ve already thanked everyone personally but I’m sure it’ll please you to know that you have such a fantastic team at West Lodge Park.

Izabella was so helpful from our first viewing of the hotel all the way until the wedding. We met her several times in the months up to the day and she was always available for questions which was helpful as we organised the wedding from Germany where we live. She took care of all the small details for us, even offering to help with a stressful cancellation of the hair and makeup contractor. Her attention to detail is so sharp that she spotted errors by me in the guest plans which would have caused problems on the day had she not have corrected them. I’m sure that she manages 10-20 big events at any one time, but she was always fluent with our wedding details and gave the impression that we were the only event in her diary.

Matthew, our Toastmaster was a rock and a sheer delight on the day, a view shared by many guests. He was attentive to every minor detail, both before with the preparation and during the rest of the day. He took a lot of the stress from me in helping set-up the rooms and went beyond to please our guests, some of whom even I’d describe as challenging! Nothing was too much for him to do… He really is an asset to the offering at West Lodge Park, I can’t stress that enough.

Despite some of my guests announcing dietary preferences on the day of the wedding (despite notes on their invites asking them to do this earlier) the Chef was really flexible in switching dishes for guests, and the food was loved by all our guests. Despite his busy day, he took the time out to come and speak to me and let me personally thank him for the food.

Stephanie and I had an unforgettable day, and a large part of that is down to how good your staff were at making everything run to plan, with as little stress as possible. For this reason, I’d highly recommend anyone having their wedding at West Lodge Park and both Stephanie and I will be returning for many years to come. It's always good to know that you're work is appreciated and I hope you acknowledge and pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in our wedding at WLP.

Yours sincerely,

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