September, 2019

Dear Mr Beale,

I just wanted to contact you directly regarding our wedding ceremony and reception which were held on 1st September in the Lancaster Suite.

My wife and I would like to offer our unconditional thanks to all of the staff involved at West Lodge Park, who made our day so wonderful.

We were taken aback by the utter professionalism shown by your staff, taking away all of the concern and nerves which are associated with an event like this.

This starts with Catherine Walsh who for the last year has helped us to plan the day down to the smallest of detail.

We then come on to Irene Peters - house keeper and Yioda Joannou - head house keeper who were very kind to my wife in allowing her all the time she needed to get ready before they cleaned room 20.

We also need to make an especially big mention for Matthew Croxford who managed our day with such utter professionalism, politeness, courtesy and humour. In my role as a professional manager working in a quality role, I have to have a very critical eye, I must tell you that I could not criticise or fault Matthew and his team in any way what so ever. Never before have I experienced such dedication to not only the job but to every single one of our guests.

Matthew was the stand out person on the day and many of our guests commented on the fact.

I hope that this email will go some way to fill you with pride in your team and that this pride will be communicated in some way to Matthew.

Our day will obviously be remembered as the biggest day of our lives but also for the staff and surroundings at West Lodge Park which made it such a memorable day.

We will certainly be visiting again soon.

With greatest respect and thanks on behalf of my wife and I

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