Banqueting Menus

Effective from 2020 


£39.50 per person (or included in package)

Select 1 of the following menus for your party. 

Inclusive of a selection of flavoured rolls with unsalted butter, Café du Monde coffee or loose-leaf teas and infusions with homemade petit fours


Menu A

  • Butternut squash soup
    Parmesan and pesto crouton*
  • Chicken supreme, wild mushroom and tarragon mousse
    Chateau potatoes, Chantenay carrots, spinach, red wine jus
  • Blackcurrant cheesecake
    Cassis Anglaise, honey tuille 

Menu B

  • Dingley dell ham hock rillettes
    Dijonnaise dressing, pickled radish and carrot, peashoots
  • Roasted cod fillet 
    Dill crushed new potatoes, carrot and courgette ribbons, dill cream sauce
  • Baked lemon tart
    Crème Chantilly, raspberry coulis

Menu C

  • Soused mackerel fillet 
    Beetroot puree, baby carrots, radish, chive oil 
  • Slow cooked Jacobs ladder (rib of beef)
    Dauphinoise potato, spinach, carrot batons, red wine jus 
  • Mango parfait, coconut panna cotta
    Passionfruit glaze

Menu D

  • Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese roulade 
    Lemon gel, lump fish caviar, dill yoghurt 
  • Breast of chicken  
    Garlic fondant potato, roasted pumpkin, spinach, thyme jus 
  • Caramel cream tart
    Crushed caramel brittle, salted caramel ice cream 

Menu E

  • Hertfordshire game terrine 
    Red onion marmalade, rocket and radish salad, house dressing 
  • Shetland salmon supreme
    Dauphinoise potato, spinach, Chantenay carrots, red pepper coulis 
  • Banoffee mousse chocolate cup
    Coffee Anglaise 

Menu F

  • Colsten Basset Stilton fonduta
    Roasted pear, caramelised walnuts, rocket, chilli oil 
  • Pan seared seabass
    Dauphinoise potato, Parisienne vegetables, white wine sauce 
  • Charentais, honeydew and water melon
    Grand Marnier and orange syrup, Mascarpone cream 

*Alternative soups

  • Tomato and basil soup, Parmesan crouton
    Celeriac and parsnip soup, parsnip crisps, herb oil
    Pea and mint soup, mint cream

Supplemented Dishes - Starters

  • Corn fed chicken and porcini mushroom terrine, sweet potato salad £2.00 supplement per person 
  • King prawn cocktail, light Marie Rose sauce, celery and shallot, £2.00 supplement per person 
  • Brixham crab mayonnaise, toasted ciabatta, celeriac remoulade, £3.00 supplement per person

Supplemented dishes - Main course

  • Sacombe Hill Farm beef fillet, garlic fondant potato, roasted pumpkin, spinach, thyme jus - £8.00 supplement per person
  • Rack of West Country lamb, dauphinoise potato, spinach, carrot batons, red wine jus - £8.00 supplement per person
  • Halibut supreme, dill crushed new potatoes, carrot and courgette ribbons, dill cream sauce - £4.00, supplement per person
  • Cornfed chicken breast, chateau potatoes, Chantenay carrots, spinach, red wine jus - £2.00 supplement per person


  • Dessert trio:
    Mini pecan pie, pistachio panna cotta, strawberry cheesecake, £5.00 supplement per person
  • Valrhona chocolate fondant
    Wasabi ice cream, glass tuille, £3.00 supplement per person (maximum 30 guests) 
  • Raspberry mousse, vanilla panna cotta centre
    Macadamia praline, lavender Anglaise, £3.00 supplement per person 



  • Lincolnshire mushroom panna cotta
    Pickled mushrooms, herb oil
  • Roasted heritage beetroot
    Hummus, dukkah, chilli oil

Main Courses

  • Lincolnshire wild mushroom and spinach pithivier, tarragon cream
  • Butternut squash and du puy lentil curry
    Basmati rice, poppadoms, mango chutney
  • Cauliflower, sage and chestnut cake
    Stilton sauce

Vegetarian dishes substituted at the same price.
Where applicable to be served with the same garnish as the meat main course

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