John Evelyn Suite

The Air Conditioned John Evelyn Suite includes the John Evelyn Room, John Evelyn Conservatory, John Evelyn Private Terrace, Coventry Room and the Coventry Conservatory.

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John Evelyn Suite Layouts

John Evelyn Suite room layout options

John Evelyn Suite Floorplan

John Evelyn Suite floorplan

John Evelyn Suite Maximum Capacity:


Combination A
Round tables
Combination B
Top table & rounds
Combination C
Top table, sprigs & rounds
Informal Evening Party
For the evening party your room is transformed to include a dance floor & buffet table whilst the King Charles is your bar.

John Evelyn Room Dimensions

Length 7.9m (26'1")
Width: 5.7m (19'0")
Height: 3.8m (12'7")
Size of Room: 54.1m²
Size of Conservatory: 21.7m²

Coventry Room Dimensions:

Length 5.4m (17'9")
Width: 4.3m (13'3")
Height: 3.8m (12'7")
Size of Room: 26.5m²
Size of Conservatory: 21.7m²
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