Discover spring wines at the Mary Beale Restaurant, West Lodge Park Hotel

As the season changes, the Mary Beale Restaurant at West Lodge Park Hotel is delighted to introduce a new menu that encapsulates the essence of spring. To improve your dining experience, we’ve created an exclusive selection of wines, each chosen to complement a selection of our exciting new dishes.

Our Lobster Thermidor is a dish that speaks of elegance. To match the rich, creamy texture of the lobster combined with a decadent cheese crust, we recommend a modest village Chablis from Moreau. This wine, with its crisp acidity and mineral undertones, cuts through the richness of the dish while complementing its delicate flavours.

The Grilled Lamb Cutlets, seasoned with rosemary and garlic, demand a wine that can stand up to their bold flavours. A classic choice is a medium-bodied Pinot Noir from either Burgundy or Oregon. With omit subtle hints of red berries and a soft, earthy finish, Pinot Noir not only tackles the robustness of the lamb but also enhances the aromatic herbs. We particularly like the pinots from Dundee Hills, Domaine Drouhin Oregon and the Mercurey 1er Cru,Jacqueson.  

Our Spatchcock Poussin, marinated in herbs and grilled to perfection, pairs delightfully with a juicy Zinfandel. Our top pairing was a bold, juicy Californian ‘Zin’ from Sebastiani.

For our new Mango Meringue Tart, which combines the sweetness of mango with the light, airy texture of meringue, an excellent wine pairing would be a late harvest Pinot Gris from Chile.

A great wine to accompany a cheese board is a Riesling. Riesling wines, which can range from dry to sweet, offer a brilliant balance of acidity and fruity notes that pair wonderfully with a variety of cheeses. The crispness of a dry Riesling works particularly well with soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert, while a slightly sweeter Riesling can complement stronger, aged cheeses like Gouda or blue cheese.

At the Mary Beale Restaurant, our spring menu and thoughtfully selected wine pairings capture the essence of the season. Join us at West Lodge Park Hotel to explore these perfect matches and improve your dining experience.

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Discover spring wines at the Mary Beale Restaurant, West Lodge Park Hotel

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