Less is much more when it comes to intimate weddings

West Lodge Park’s Wedding planner, Izzabelle Jackabos explains how the recent rise in intimate weddings has paved the way for a host of interesting trends that are sure to turn smaller events into big memories…

Are you tired of what I dub the ‘identikit wedding’? Hesitant to splurge on a grand celebration in this era of financial prudence? Do you genuinely want to connect with close friends and family on your special day, rather than hosting a crowd? After all, connecting with everyone can be done on Facebook. You’re not alone. Today, more and more individuals are opting for smaller guest lists.

Intimate weddings are truly a win-win when you consider it. You get to invest your time and, crucially, your budget, in those who matter most. Even with a selective guest list, your wedding doesn’t have to lack significance. In fact, with the following tips, less can often mean much, much more…

Make it a feast

Nothing depletes your budget faster than per-head catering costs. With fewer guests to cater for, an intimate wedding allows for more options for your select group. At West Lodge Park, our renowned chefs can create a variety of dishes, and you can sample them yourself from our taster menu during your visit.

Stress reduction

Planning a large wedding can be overwhelming, and for some, a smaller wedding provides a more relaxed and stress-free planning process. With fewer logistics to manage, you can enjoy both the planning journey and the wedding day itself.

Oh what an atmosphere…

Believe me, reducing your guest count doesn’t mean sacrificing the atmosphere. In fact, your guests will appreciate being chosen to celebrate with you, ensuring a lively party. Incorporate elements like live music, intimate lighting, and delicious food for an unforgettable wedding ambiance.

Budget considerations

Hosting a smaller wedding is often more cost-effective. Couples may choose to allocate their budget towards creating a more luxurious or personalised experience for a smaller group rather than spreading resources thin across a larger number of guests.

The personal touch

Intimate weddings offer the opportunity for guests to bond, especially during a weekend or mid-week celebration. With very intimate weddings (20 guests or fewer), separate tables can be eliminated. allowing guests to sit together around a large table and enjoy a meal. Hosting cocktails and games in the evening is also ideal for encouraging mingling. 

While smaller weddings aren’t a novel idea, there’s a good chance your guests haven’t experienced one. This distinction makes your intimate wedding stand out, ensuring it’s a truly memorable day. Your guests will feel honoured to celebrate with you, guaranteeing a wonderfully memorable experience for both you and your loved ones.

If the idea of maximising your budget and focusing on your nearest and dearest resonates with you, get in touch. Email westlodgepark@bealeshotels.co.uk or call 0208 216 3943, and let’s discuss your vision for your dream wedding.

West Lodge Park is holding a Wedding Showcase on Sunday, 18th February from 11.00am until 3.00pm. Reserve your space today.

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